Knights of the Old Republic Remake OFFICIALLY announced!

HOLY SHIT IT HAPPENED! In tonight’s Playstation Showcase, it opened with a banger if I’ve ever seen one. Freaking Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic is being remade by Aspyr Media.

Spoiler-free Description of The Batman revealed!

The Batman has been on the radar of a lot of DC fans since the first trailer released about a year ago. The movie is helmed by Matt Reeves and looks to really go deep

Spider-Man: No Way Home – Plot and Trailer Breakdown – SPOILERS

After a spectacularly big trailer leak, the first teaser for Spider-Man: No Way Home has finally officially arrived and we have our first indication on what the story is going to be about, who will

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf – Review

The Witcher IP already got a lot more popular when The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt released, but the Netflix show really skyrocketed the series to more households. The story of Geralt of Rivia and Ciri

Review Roundup #2: Black Widow, Luca and more!

Sometimes when I’m bored I write a short review on a movie I’ve seen on my Letterboxd account ( These are too short to post on here though, but I figured I could do a

Videogame movies and how will the D&D movie work?

A few days ago we got the word that the Dungeons and Dragons movie has wrapped filming. While I’m a big fan of D&D as a whole, I’m still a little wary for this project.

I think Overwatch 2 can work, and here is why.

I want to start out this piece by saying that in no way shape or form I mean to distract attention from everything that is happening with Activision-Blizzard. The things that have come out are

The Suicide Squad is bonkers! (Review)

I have to admit, when it originally came out, I kinda liked Suicide Squad. I saw it in theaters and at home with my family a bunch of times but it wasn’t after about a

Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Was it worth it? (Review)

Spider-Man PS4 was an amazing game. Mechanically it was incredibly impressive, the gameplay was great and the story is up there with the best stories about the web-head in recent years. They didn’t even need

Looking back at the Watch Dogs franchise…

I still remember when Watch Dogs 2 released. It was in my first year of high school and I was hyped beyond believe. I’d never played the original Watch_Dogs but I had seen a thing