Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Was it worth it? (Review)

Spider-Man PS4 was an amazing game. Mechanically it was incredibly impressive, the gameplay was great and the story is up there with the best stories about the web-head in recent years. They didn’t even need

Looking back at the Watch Dogs franchise…

I still remember when Watch Dogs 2 released. It was in my first year of high school and I was hyped beyond believe. I’d never played the original Watch_Dogs but I had seen a thing

Review Roundup #1: Logan, JoJo Rabbit and more!

Sometimes when I’m bored I write a short review on a movie I’ve seen on my Letterboxd account (www.letterboxd.com/Dunkie/). These are too short to post on here though, but I figured I could do a

Why is Ezio’s Family such an important track?

I really like the Assassin’s Creed franchise. I still vividly remember my first encounters with the games. The first time I played was 5 minutes of Unity, and then I needed a Playstation to experience

Star Wars: A New Ranking!

Did you know that I really like Star Wars? Well, if you didn’t: I really like Star Wars! Even more like, I love Star Wars! There is so much to discover, learn and experience in

Simple Nacho’s Review and Recipe

Last week a friend of mine came over to watch The Mandalorian, some Sword Art Online and play some videogames. While we were doing all that I decided it was time for a quick snack

Onward Review: A simple campaign.

As you might have noticed if you know me a little, I like Dungeons and Dragons. Actually, I just really like fantasy in general. So when I heard the premise of Onward, where two brothers

Terminator 2: Judgement Day Quick Review

I don’t know why I held off on watching this movie for so long but I am very glad that I finally did, because this movie is exellent! The actors do a convincing job, the

Quicky Review: Aquaman

Certainly not the worst DC movie they’ve made, but it’s not really that good either. The scene on the beach where a young Arthur Curry gets mad at the Green Goblin had some of the

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Review

Prologue I love video games man, I love story driven games, I like RPG’s, I like JRPG’s hell, I will defend Lego games until the day I die. But you know what I also like?