Cinematic Trailer and Gameplay for Star Wars: Hunters revealed!

During tonight’s Apple presentation, we also got a glimpse at what exactly Star Wars Hunters, the new game coming to mobile devices and Nintendo Switch, is going to be about and how it will work. It also included a release date, and there are some interesting bits to pick from here, so let’s go and take a look at it!

Our first official look at Star Wars Hunters came a little while ago, with a short teaser. Now we have some more info with a new cinematic trailer and gameplay footage to put our teeth into. First of all, this will be an arena-type game, which is played in third person. The gameplay seems to revolve around a set of characters competing for objectives in maps very reminiscent of iconic Star Wars locations, where each character has a unique set of abilities. To me, it kind of looks like a mix of Fortnite and Overwatch, dipped into a pot of Star Wars paint.

The developers for this title are Zynga, who previously worked on Mobile games set in the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones universe. It’s no wonder Lucasfilm approached them about this to me. I think this can definitely be a nice and fun entry into the line-up of Star Wars games, and it’s nice that we got confirmation of the game coming out somewhere next year, in 2022.

Star Wars: Hunters first images emerge of squad-based arena combat

Now, there’s still some more fun to be had with this, since the website for the game also went live. If you go to and sign up for the newsletter, you’ll get updated on the progress of development, and at the same time unlock rewards for the whole community. Neat little extra! Oh yeah, and the sign-up asks you on what platform you prefer to play. Could this be a hint towards the game coming to more consoles?

Now, we also got a look at some of the characters, and I love the vibe of it! An ugnaught who rides in a Droideka, a badass Wookiee, 2 Jawa’s stacked on top of each other and someone who looks to be a member of the Sith Eternal (Palpatine’s faction of Imperial Remnants in The Rise of Skywalker). Below is the full roster, with their names and descriptions!

An unnamed Mandalorian… How intriguing! Edit: As of now it’s been confirmed this Mandalorian is named Aran Tal, per the website and trailer. This Mandalorian stalwart is here to call out the wicked and serve up fiery justice.
Utooni, two Jawa’s stacked on top of each other. Jawa scrappers with an arsenal of hidden firepower.
J3DI, a droid (presumably) Jedi. Notice how they aren’t actually wearing Jedi robes, rather they’re just painted to look like they do (Credits to @AtomicSuperMe in the Star Wars Hunters Discord for finding that). One-of-a-kind droid programmed to believe that the Force is with him.
Rieve, she seems to have the Sith Eternal emblem tattooed on the back of her head in gameplay footage. A shrewd dark side warrior here to sow wickedness throughout The Arena.
Grozz. A Wookie warrior with a penchant for disarming droids and his opponents.
Imara Vex, she looks like the Bounty Hunters you can find in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Always looking for the bounty, always on the hunt, Vex never loses.
Slingshot is an ugnaught who controls a droideka. Honestly perfection. A flashy adrenaline-junkie joyrider, Slingshot revels in roadkill.
Sentinel. A remnant of the Empire unwilling to accept defeat.

Laina. A veteran of the Rebel Alliance and hero to the New Republic.

So yeah there is some cool stuff in here! From Sentinel’s description, you can make out this definitely takes place after the fall of the Empire in the timeline, so what does that mean with Rieve running around with the emblem of the Sith Eternal so exposed? So many questions, I hope we one day get the answers. For now, that was all though. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Do join the r/StarWarsHunters discord server for more speculation, and may the Force be with you!

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