The Shining, oh god…

I’m gonna be honest, I am not good with horror. I can’t handle that tension. I was pretty much swearing under my breath the entire time.

It was only because I heard this was the perfect horror movie that I decided to get my horror-veteran sister and watch this movie. I hated every step of the line. But when I sat down and that ominous score started I was lost and I haven’t been able to get it of my mind since then.

The premise is simple. This aspiring writer person, Jack Torrance is moving into the Overlook Hotel with his wife and son to take care of it over the winter. But the moment we get in there we know something is not right. Accompanied by this score that made me lose my nails I felt tense every step of the line.

The power of The Shining for me is that it never shows it’s full hand. It always hides a few cards to keep you speculating, probably making the movie fun on repeated viewings. But I had a mental breakdown so that will take a while.

I think this is my first and last horror. Nothing can top this.

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Posted by Dunke

An easily obsessed nerd with a particular fixation on Star Wars, comic-adjacent projects and fantasy. But honestly? Interested in anything. Always up to watch The Empire Strikes Back, or play some Undertale.

  1. So you want to be a writer? Considered moving into an ….. abandoned hotel? 🙂

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