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It’s no secret that due to how massive the Star Wars galaxy is, the potential for storytelling is practically unmatched as well. One of the projects I’d always heard a lot of good things about was Lost Stars – written by Claudia Gray -, due to how unique it was in what sort of story it told in the familiar universe. High time to give it a shot then.

Note: this review is focused on the Lost Star novel, not the manga. Though both cover the same general story, I’m not speaking on the manga-version here.

Lost Stars is the kind of Star Wars book you don’t expect, but won’t be able to get out of your head once you finish it. While I’ve been reading it for the past few weeks, it’s been noticeable that during calmer moments my mind drifts away to the events of the book, and to the characters that inhabit its pages. 

Set against the backdrop of the rise of the Empire and the Galactic Civil War, Lost Stars tells the story of Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree, who are childhood friends that end up on opposite sides of the galaxy-spanning conflict. The destruction of the Death Star, Battle of Hoth and many more iconic events from the original trilogy are explored through the eyes of new characters with completely different perspectives compared to what we’re used to seeing from Star Wars. 

Death Star

It’s a dramatic romance-novel that at times feels like it just so happens to be set in the Star Wars galaxy. The focus is on the characters and how they learn and grow, but the important events in the universe are still of great impact. That balance is greatly done, and leads to Lost Stars being one of the most unique Star Wars-stories I’ve seen to this day. 

Aside from being a good Star Wars book, I’d say Lost Stars is just an extremely solid novel as well. The pacing is on point, although the conflict between the main characters feels a little too miscommunication-trope for my liking. Still, the book will break your heart regardless of your knowledge of this franchise, purely because the characters and their circumstances feel so unfair, yet they keep finding each other in ways that’ll warm your heart. An absolute recommendation!

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