Baldur’s Gate 3 is done, so what’s next?

Larian Studios won’t be developing dlc for Baldur’s Gate 3 or its sequel. Yet there’s an option for the games’ characters and storylines to return elsewhere.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has proven to be one of the best games of the past few years. Veterans of the series and newcomers alike have found themselves pouring hundreds of hours into this adventure on the Sword Coast. The game is huge, but naturally people will eventually start to ask about what’s next. Larian Studios is moving on from both the game and the franchise, but there might be a future for Baldur’s Gate 3’s characters and storylines that players can explore.

Let me just preface this by saying that I completely understand that Larian has decided to not develop major dlc for Baldur’s Gate 3, or a sequel to their smash-hit. Incredible as it is, to get to this point the studio poured at least six years into the project. They deserve all the praise and awards for their achievement, and in a way it’s even more of a risky move now to not make Baldur’s Gate 4 compared to trying to live up to their last project.

It takes guts to go off and do your own thing now, and I can only applaud the studio for choosing to stick with what they want to make themselves, because whatever they are cooking up is going to come out better as a result. After how much I loved Baldur’s Gate 3, I will absolutely be playing their new games as well.

Baldur's Gate 3

Avoid the dust

The license for Baldur’s Gate remains with Wizards of the Coast – the company that owns practically everything surrounding the Dungeons and Dragons brand – and they can basically do whatever they please with it. They’re not letting the series die, considering the company has confirmed that it’s talking to possible developers for a new installment in the franchise, as was revealed in an interview with PC Gamer. In the meantime, the characters and storylines of Baldur’s Gate 3 don’t have to lay dormant. If picked up by creators that genuinely care about the game and its storytelling I think there’s a great chance for WotC to expand on the award-winning game.

Most expansions to D&D 5e arrive through sourcebooks and adventurebooks like for example Tasha’s Couldron of Everything and Curse of Strahd. Sometimes they even combine the two a bit, or they make a book that compiles a number of shorter adventures like in Candlekeep Mysteries. This format would be a great way to see more of the adventures of the characters in Baldur’s Gate 3. Karlach fixing her Infernal Engine in Avernus, Lae’zel’s battle against Vlaakith, Astarion’s journey to becoming a Folk Hero, there are so many possibilities!

Did you know there are official character sheets of few companions from Baldur’s Gate 3? They were available physically in the Collector’s Edition but can also be found for free as downloads on D&D Beyond.

Will this happen?

Combined with rulesets that let players convert their Baldur’s Gate 3 character to the TTRPG and tools for DM’s to incorporate the lore and events found in the game itself, it’d be an incredible way to give players a new way to engage with the beloved game. Add in some lore and background sections, ideas for where the companions might have gone after the credits roll, magic items and statblocks that are familiar from Baldur’s Gate 3. I’d love to get more information on characters like Minthara, Wyll and Gale, and what they’re up to post-tadpole.

It’d definitely be a book for the fans, and maybe a widespread hardcover release would be too niche despite Baldur’s Gate 3’s popularity. Alternatively I’m all for a smaller boxset with simple booklets, or even a release on dmsguild with an option for print on demand. Do I think it’s likely to happen? Reasonably so. I can’t imagine WotC wants to leave Baldur’s Gate 3 for what it is and just move on, and I think there’s still tons to explore. The most important thing is that Larian Studios’ hard work is honored, and the creative teams behind any project related to the game respect the effort of the developers.

Larian Studios isn’t completely done with Baldur’s Gate 3 yet though. Patch 7 is coming soon and brings new Evil Endings and modding tools, while a photo mode and crossplay are still on the roadmap as well. No major content-updates are to be expected, but the characters and stories we’ve grown to love might yet have a future.

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